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White Mountains, Az Full Spectrum CBD

Where can you buy CBD oil?

It is important note that full spectrum CBD oil contains more than just CBD. CBD is a Cannabinoid. CBD and THC are just the most popular cannabinoids. Full spectrum CBD hemp oil has more than just one cannabinoid. The list the cannabinoids in full spectrum CBD are as follows:







Δ9-THC .3%

What makes full spectrum CBD oil better?

The Entourage Effect is when many Cannabinoids communicate with each other and interact with CB-1 and CB-2 receptors. Every cannabinoid is unique. There are in the range of 150 different cannabinoids known to this day. Full spectrum CBD oil is important because No cannabinoid stands alone. When you have many interacting within your body and receptors it is much more beneficial. CBD isolate is also available for those who cannot ingest THC. Although the THC content is so low, well below legal limits it still might come up on a drug test. Please check with your doctor or physician before taking full spectrum CBD oil.   

Make sure that your CBD oil can show third-party testing and prove the content

Knowing the content of your CBD oil is important. The FDA did testing on many different brands and many different marketing Enterprises of CBD oil. And surprisingly enough many CBD oils on the market are not as advertise.  

Things to watch out for when buying CBD oil.

Watch for us at the local swap meets.

All summer we will be at the show low swap meet behind the hub.

All winter we should be at the snowflake swap meet on Saturdays

and on Sundays at the 77 swap meet.

This of course is until we can find our own little spot

for now text or call 928-362-1603 to find out where we are.

We do free delivery whether we hand-deliver or we have to put it in the mail.

We sell only pure CBD oil

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