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Phoenix Park n Swap  CBD OIL

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Arizona CBD Hemp Oil.   FULL SPECTRUM HEMP EXTRACT #PHXCBD #fullspectrumcbd

Lasting Vape Prices For Full Spectrum Hemp Oil | Hemp Cannabidiol 100% All Natural No THC 

Made In Colorado. #cbdmovement  

Most people get the 1000mg and have figured out the benefits.  Starters get the 500mg to see if it works.  Those who choose the 500mg will just have to take more per ml.  This is why I try to show the mg/ml on the picture prices below.  A typical does for sensitive people is 15mg per dose.  Dosing in the morning and at night you can see.  15mg + 15mg per dose will only last 15 days.  The 500mg comes in a 15ml bottle.  

Recommended is the 1000mg for daily usage.  The 1000mg packs a bigger punch and is is 66-67mg per millimeter versus the 33-34mg  500mg.  Now with the 1000mg  you spend less in the next 30days.  The 1000mg is a better value.

Coming to the serious cbd advocates, the 2500mg bottle is by far the best value full spectrum CBD OIL on the market.  With 84mg per mil you can see why serious patients choose the power house 2500mg CBD OIL.  60ml bottle, so 2x as much and 23mg per ml stronger.  Not a bad price if you are a value watcher.  

Although taking too much cannot hurt you.  You do not need as much as you think.  15mg per day.  2 times daily.  

Think of Cannabis as the most beneficial vegetable on the market.  Juicing the leaves, eating the seeds  are the best things you can consume on a daily basis.  But also think of the dosage as it concerns vitamins.  How many vitamin C tablets do you take or need everyday?  Point is your body will only use so much at a time and disregards the rest.   So use it as like a vitamin you do not need as much as you may think.  Taking too much does feel great though.  ha ha 

Do as you will.  I love it and I probably take too much.  Too bad.   5000mg available on request.

Make sure you get proof of what you are buying, CBD OIL does not need anything added. 

When it comes to the endocannabinoid system your body seeks homeostasis.  The entourage effect from the  numerous cannabinoids found in Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures give the most benefits.  Having just CBD alone is good no doubt but there are many cannabinoids that as beneficial when used together.  The entourage effect in our 3rd party lab results are listed below.  Mostly CBD as you can see.  But look at the others that are in the endocannabinoid spectrum.  See chart below. 

1000mg Full Spectrum Cannabinoids Quick List | Hemp Oil 

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